Comments and Motion at NAD Year-end Meetings

I think the fundamental question here is, Does the actions of the General Conference in Session matter?

And although the Phase 2 Unity Document has been referred back, we still have on our hands an issue that there are instances of non-compliance within our division, especially on the issue of women’s ordination to gospel ministry. Where is the transparency about that? Where is the accountability? – is my question.

To my understanding there have been ordinations of women in unions within this division before and after the 2015 General Conference Session. Also in at least one of our conferences, the presidency is out of compliance as well.

So, what are we doing to address these unilateral actions?

It has been stated that we in the NAD believe in unity, that we are not in rebellion, and do not want to divide the church. I really appreciate those sentiments. But is that indeed the case? I can’t help but wonder. I’m struck by the seeming absence of discussion, or concern by this body of how to address these non-compliance issues.

If we truly care about unity, and truly respect the General Conference in Session, should this not be our primary concern? Moreso than resisting efforts to bring about unity?

I honestly can’t help but feel that we’re being a little bit disingenuous, if we stand by and do nothing when voted actions and policies are violated–it’s to undermine the God-given governing structure that we’ve been given, and I believe to, indeed, disrespect God Himself. We were given one full year in phase one, and those entities who were not in compliance were given plenty of time to reverse course, yet as far as I can tell, nothing has changed, or little.

So, my question is, What are we going to do?

So, Mr. Chairman, I would actually like to make a motion. The motion is,

In the spirit of church unity and respect for the decision of the General Conference in Session, and recognizing that the General Conference in Session with delegates from all over the world is the highest human body that we have for settling disputable matters among its divisions and their entities in the church, we the North American Division Executive Committee, as part of the General Conference, as the GC Legal Counsel said, directs that all entities that we serve to bring their practice into harmony with all the NAD, GC Policy, and with the 2015 vote of the world church on ordination.

I so move.

Juan Prestol-Puesân of the General Conference. Prestol-Puesân moved to table Cho’s motion, whose motion to table passed.

Video of NAD’s Daniel Cho’s comments and motion: